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Minimalist and un-complicated in design, the pure, linear aesthetic of Unity enables it to adapt to any space with true flexibility. Whether your style is effortlessly simplistic, or sophisticated and full of character, select from over 20 unique shades across lustrous gloss, smooth matt, gloss metallic and woodgrain finishes, to bring your bedroom vision to life.

Fully customise your look with added edging options, including the distinctive multiplex edging.

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Colour palette
Door style

Square Slab

Door finish

Woodgrain effect (Matching edge only), Gloss, Gloss Metallic, Feature Concrete, Supermatt (Matching edge only)

Price range


Available in Angled doors, Edge Options include: Matching Airtech, Two-Tone 3D Glass effect (Gloss and Metallic doors only), Multiplex Edging

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