Elegance Saltram

Saltram is relaxed in its design with beading surrounding the centre panel of the shaker door, creating a laid-back haven. Saltram is perfect for open and slightly rambling designs, situated in homes where the scent of the seaside is eternally present, and the stormy blue of the ocean is only a stone’s throw away. With the outside streaming in, this only enhances Saltrams dreamy composition.

The inclusion of oak features adds  warmth and ensures that while the  kitchen is a modern space it is grounded and understated, showing sensitivity  to the natural beauty that is found  
just outside the home.

The careful combination of traditional  and contemporary elements ensures an elegant equilibrium is reached,  creating a serene setting. An extractor built into a canopy effectively hides away the ultra-modern appliance, however it is done so with a contemporary touch  of an engraved clock. The oak open island is another nod to this delicate merge of old and new. With the open oak structure being reminiscent of a table that could easily be found in an old farmhouse, this continues the traditional tone in a modern concept.

Elegance Saltram
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