Elegance Luscombe Appliance Housings

“Such simplicity creates a space that thrives on contemporary living…”

Beautifully minimal, the Luscombe kitchen is  collected and composed. Small details – the choice  
of colour, the décor and design features-all contribute  to the overall effect. Such simplicity creates a space  that thrives on contemporary living, with modern,  state-of-the-art appliances used not only for the sake  of functionality, but also as a fun feature. The sheets  of glass lining the ceiling and walls are extended into  the kitchen, maintaining transparency that contributes to creating a bright, modern space. The open shelves  also add to this exposed, accessible look.
Luscombe’s versatility welcomes depth and creativity, not only on the outside, but what is beneath the  exterior. While the kitchen itself may have a subdued shroud, when that is stripped back and the interior becomes prominent, this is when the kitchen  transforms from an uncomplicated design to reveal  
a quirky, individualised kitchen.
Every choice made influences the overall impact, expressing sophistication and ultimately culminating into a kitchen that is iconic to the individual who is cultivating the hub of their home.

Elegance Luscombe Appliance Housings
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